An e-commerce website is a website that allows its users to sell products straight from within the website. It requires a web hosting service like any other website and some tools in order to be a safe and secured online shopping platform.

Selling your products online is a lot easer now then it ever has been. In the past the only was to build an ecommerce website was from the ground up. Nowadays there are a number of free ecommerce platforms that can offer all you need to run a successful online shop.

When building e-stores for our clients we choose to use the ZenCart platform. This is a free open source tool that we install and configure on your server. We only charge for the installation of the software and the database to run it. There is no fee for ZenCart so this can greatly reduce the setup charge for your e-store.

We can offer a number of option when setting up your ZenCart. Each one takes you up one level and can increase the cost of getting your store up and running. The options are:

  • Basic installation of ZenCart
  • Customizing the look of your e-store
  • Setting up regions and general data
  • Adding products and categories to your e-store

If you would like to discuss setting up your very own e-commerce website but are unsure where to start then drop us e-mail and we will be glad to help.