Private Browsing

Collecting email or surfing the web while away from your everyday computer is common practice for most people. Regardless of you are away on holidays or on a business trip you most likely will still check your emails or login to your blog or twitter account to add a post about how things are going. As roaming charges can be expensive when travelling abroad, its not always practical to use your iPhone or Android phone when away.

At some point you will be sitting in a Cyber Café with a nice cup of coffee getting ready to login to your account. Before you do, have you ever considered who is using the computer after you??

Most browsers record a history or cache file so you can go back over old documents. This means that as soon as you walk away from that PC, someone else could look back over the pages you where viewing.

To browse without leaving any trace of the websites you visit, you can quickly switch to private browsing with a simple key press on the keyboard.

Every Browser comes with a “Private Browsing” feature. You just need to know how to use it to protect yourself. When private browsing is enabled no history, cache or cookies are logged on the PC you are using. As soon as you close the browser, no one can open the history file and view your information or where you have been browsing.

This post is designed to show you how to activate private browsing on any browser on any PC. Its very simple to do and it could save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Internet Explorer
Open the browser as you normally would and press CTRL+SHIFT+P this will open a new window in Internet Explorer with the words InPrivate next to the address bar.

Open the browser as you normally would and press CTRL+SHIFT+P, you will now see a little mask on a stick next to your address bar to indicate you are Private Browsing.

Google Chrome
Open the browser as you normally would and press CTRL+SHIFT+N. Next to the Tab at the top you will see a man with a hat and glasses. This means you are now “Incognito”

Opera Browser
Open the browser as you normally would and press CTRL+SHIFT+N. Your browser will display “Private Browsing is enabled in this tab” with what looks like a do not disturb sign that you would hang on a door.

By remembering these simple key combinations you can insure that when you leave the PC, no one will be able to trace your history or access your online mail or twitter account.

Happy surfing!!!


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