Android and iOS growth continues

Mobile market analysts from comScore have just published their monthly report on the market shares of the major operating systems and manufacturers in the US. The data gathered in the three months ending in May 23 point to Android as the biggest gainer, while Apple’s iOS is not doing bad either.

The Google OS has extended its market share by 5.1 percent points to a whopping market share of 38.1% and continues to extend its lead over competitors. On the second spot Apple has gained 1.4 percent points and is now starting to build a gap to third-placed RIM. The Cupertino-based company overtook the BlackBerry manufacturer only last month, but now holds a 26.6% market share to RIM’s 24.7%.

The comScore report also shows that Windows Phone 7 is still struggling to make an impact and the market share of the Microsoft platforms continues to shrink. Of course this is more due to people finally replacing their Windows Mobile smartphones with another platform, but the fact remains that WP7 is unable to match the growth of the two industry behemoths.

HP is also not having a particularly good time with its webOS, its market share now down to 2.4%, compared to 2.8% at the end of Februrary.



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