How to add a post to your site.

In this section I will be showing you how to add a post to your site. Posts are one of the most widely used items within WordPress. This is where you would post regular news items or information that changes frequently.

The first thing you need to do is open your login screen so you can gain access to your WordPress back end. The link to do this is http://(yourdomain)/wp-admin
Enter the username and password provided to you by Neweb Ireland to login.

You will now be presented with a screen similar to the one below.

On the left hand side click POST then Add New

Once you have this page open you can now start entering your information. Start by putting in a title for your post then enter the main text of your post (highlighted in yellow). Once you have completed your entry click the Publish button on the left side (highlighted in yellow)
Its good practice to save a copy of your work as you go. If you are entering a long post you should click the Save Draft button while you are working on your post. You can also preview your post from time to time before publishing to make sure you have everything the way you want it.

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